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Who are we?

Information-Security custom services and consulting company

What we specialize in?

An assortment of information security centered consulting services provided by our top industry professionals, helping our clients to protect their most valued data assets.

Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Assessments

Cyber Threat Intelligence

ISMS Establishment and Management

Security Awareness Training

Proof of concept for:

  • network infiltration
  • data smuggling
  • security controls bypass
  • service defacement & DoS

Our ‘hackers’ are experienced in performing tests in various environments:

  • applications
  • infrastructure
  • hardware

First we get to know your organization, then we are able to identify risks and suggest suitable solutions to refer all business needs:
Technological, Operational and Organizational.


We are driven by leading regulations and methodologies e.g., NIST, ISACA, SANS and OWASP

We assist our customers to overcome security implementation challenges by providing with:

  • strategic and technical planning
  • preparation for ISO standards certifications
  • customized policies and procedures
  • CISO as a service

To improve employees’ awareness and provide with practical advice on recommended behavior within the cyber-space.

Trainings are carried out throughout lectures, professional sessions and awareness campaigns

Our proprietary solution – INSECTtm purpose is to gather intelligence from multiple platforms all over the cyber-sphere to provide customers with real time notifications of threats or possible exposure.

When threat is identified and clearly defined we provide with mitigation means to diminish possible damage.

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MADSEC follows industry standards to keep your organization at par with the leading benchmarks and certifications required in cyber security.
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