About us


MADSEC is a leading consulting company whose expertise is information security and cyber. We provide a variety of consulting services in the world of information security while maintaining impartiality due to integration considerations.

We offer consulting services to leading organizations and offices across the country in leading sectors across the country in sectors in sectors financial institutions, insurance companies, academic institutions, government organizations


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Why work with us?

The company focuses on penetration tests and risk assessment surveys; It is our expertise and ingrained in our company’s DNA.

The largest Israeli Penetration Testing Company. Working with all Israeli banks as well as the high-tech, credit and insurance, telecommunications, academia, healthcare, FinTech, transportation and smart industries.

All our team members are 100% full-time company employees. The company has a level 3 security clearance, professional warranty insurance and ISO 27001 certification.


Projects are led by our experienced project managers, and the company meets the ISO 9001 standard for management and quality control. Our employees hold international certifications and many years of experience.

אודות סייבר

Madsec does not engage in marketing and sales of any security systems and has no interest in promoting any third-party products. In this sense, technologically speaking, we consider ourselves our clients’ partners.

אודות מדסק
Presence in the cyber arena

Direct communication with cyber security entities like the National Cyber Directorate, Lahav 433 and The Privacy Protection Authority. Giving lectures at Technological Cyber Security conventions


דורון סיוון
Doron Sivan
CEO, co-founder
מתן אזוגי
Matan Azugi


תומר סייבר
Tomer Drori
אסיף סקר סיכונים
Asif Fox
Moshe Sklar
Sales Manager
אורן מדסק
Oren Alkoby
GRC team manager
Oded Weissman
PT and Red Team manager
אבי כהן
Avi Cohen
Director of cyber regulation
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