Attempts to bypass defense systems

Organizations invest a lot of capital in procuring information security systems, but this is not enough. Implementation is seldom done faultlessly.
The list of information security systems is getting longer and longer. For example, if we were satisfied with a firewall and anti-virus in the past, today, we require at least ten components like NAC, WAF, DLP, MAIL GATEWAY, and more.
As part of the service, our expert arrives at the customer’s premises and attempts to bypass these systems. If this proves successful, our customer can review the implementation failures and ensure the systems are configured as required.

Who would be likely candidates for the service?

The CIO and Information Security Manager, who are interested in knowing the effectiveness of the systems they have purchased

What are the advantages of attempting to bypass the defense systems?

A real, objective examination of the level of resilience granted to the organization following the acquisition.

  • Is the system not configured correctly?
  • Do some components no longer work? 
  • Is it possible to bypass the protections the systems are supposed to provide?

What are the highlights of the test?

  • Various attempts to interface with systems.
  • Bypassing authentication mechanisms.
  • Exploiting poor settings.

This is a premium service attempting to bypass information security systems. This is not a penetration test (PT) or risk assessment, but a unique service provided by an expert. The test results enable you to better configure your systems.

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