Incident Response Team

A response team provides an emergency response to the company. We are not talking about preparing for the event by creating a business continuity plan, but about providing an immediate response to the attacked organization.
A cyber event can begin in several ways, such as encrypted computers or an attack that prevents activity (DoS).
From the moment such an event begins, many centers of the organization undergo excessive workloads, this is the moment you would want an experienced company that will help you get through the event in the best possible way.

Who benefits from a Response Team?

companies that have just been attacked and need immediate assistance

What are the benefits of the Incident Response Team’s assistance?

A cyber-attack is planned well in advance, and the attackers are prepared for various response scenarios. The managers in the organization must fully understand that this process requires the intervention of several departments in the organization. If initially it is about technical aspects, then later it is about business and legal aspects. It is advisable and recommended to use a professional and external company that has been involved in many such cases in the past.

What will be the highlights?

  • Locating the vector of penetration into the organization and the route that the attacker took in the internal network.
  • Assistance in cleaning the network from the abusers.
  • Assistance in contacting external auditing bodies.
  • Attending emergency meetings and providing appropriate instructions.

A response team consists of experienced professionals. We are not talking about unskilled workers who provide answers according to pre-prepared templates, but about physically arriving at the customer’s facility, leading a process in the organization, guiding a variety of departments and maintaining ongoing contact with authorities such as the Cyber Directorate and the Privacy Protection Authority.

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