Servers and Services Hardening

Many attacks are launched after malicious hackers find vulnerabilities in servers. Some vulnerabilities emanate from missing security updates, but some are enabled because the server installation is not sufficiently hardened, for example, due to redundant services on the server.

Furthermore, many organizations are moving to the Cloud, from mail services to purchasing servers and services. You would be surprised to learn that many best practices and knowledge have been acquired, allowing these services to be configured in a hardened way that would make it very difficult for hackers to infiltrate and damage them successfully.

Who would be likely candidates for the Server Hardening?

  • Information Security managers seeking to ensure their organization’s servers are configured according to Best Practices.
  • Those wishing to verify their Cloud services, like 365, are configured in a hardened manner.

What are the benefits of this service?

  • In a heterogeneous environment with many systems, servers, and services, ensuring that everything is optimally configured in terms of data security is challenging.
  • Hardening failures lead to exploitable vulnerabilities. Individual testing would enable targeted hardening and prevent malicious usage of servers.
  • Most manufacturers provide best practices for hardening servers and services, but their implementation requires understanding the process of how the computer is integrated, and computing teams usually do not have the resources and knowledge to handle the issue. Here you would be assisted by an external company that provides you with a professional and skilled service.

What are the highlights?

  • Hardening Windows servers.
  • Hardening Linux servers.
  • Active Directory hardening.
  • Hardening SaaS services such as mail 365 and Salesforce.

Hardening servers and services requires extensive IT and data security proficiency. It is a Sisyphean task where a specialist reviews all the settings and ensures they are set up as required, that the GPO is well defined, that there are no unnecessary services active on the server and that the 365 mail is configured in a hardened manner. Everyone is too busy to engage in these activities, but they are critical to reducing attackers’ ability to penetrate the system. Professionalism must never be trifled with! Hire only specialists to perform this task.

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