Attack Team Services – RED TEAM

Organizations invest much capital in procuring information security systems and employee training, but it is not enough. In order to examine the organization’s resilience, it is highly recommended to hire a company that will carry out an array of attacks on the organization and simulate a real attack.
The attacking team, called RED TEAM, uses numerous attack strategies like physical intrusion, social engineering, attacking websites and infrastructure, and more.
When performing penetration tests (PTs), the tester tries to breach the systems without the element of surprise; hence the defensive team, called BLUE TEAM, is aware of the test and is prepared for it. However, when using a RED TEAM, the goal is to evaluate the detection and response capabilities of the organization; therefore, the BLUE TEAM will not be given an early warning and will treat the attack as a real event.

Who would be likely candidates for the RED TEAM service?

  • Companies interested in knowing whether their systems can be penetrated and how.
  • Companies that want to test the quality of their information security systems, the readiness of their defense team, and their employees’ alertness.

What are the advantages of performing a RED TEAM Test?

  • An actual examination of the system’s protection against attacks by external hackers would provide as reliable a picture as possible.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.

What are the highlights of the test?

  • Intelligence Gathering.
  • Attacking external infrastructure.
  • Attacking external systems.
  • Social engineering – email and phone phishing attempts.
  • Attempts of a physical intrusion into the customer’s facility.
  • Presentation of the project results to the company’s management level.

A RED TEAM Test requires a team of high-level cyber experts capable of planning sophisticated attacks to simulate real-life attacks. The examiner’s expertise decisively impacts the number of findings and the ability to assess their severity. Professionalism must never be trifled with! Always verify that the tester is sent by a well-known company, that its staff has the necessary qualifications/certifications and that the company has professional liability insurance.

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