Cyber Simulations for Senior Management

Cyberattacks against companies worldwide are intensifying. The theft of sensitive files and locking them for a ransom, exploitation of security vulnerabilities in systems to reach other companies through their supply chain, disruption of server and systems operations in DoS attacks, all these and more have become routine practices.
At the same time, a heightened awareness of the privacy of the information and users leads to employees, customers, and suppliers being committed to a high level of information security and transparency. The fact that the regulatory environment is toughening its positions should also be considered.
Many organizations realized in retrospect that cyber incidents tremendously affected them. Beyond the technical aspects, these have managerial, financial, legal and image implications. To help organizations cope with these threats, Madsec offers a unique workshop that simulates an unfolding cyber event. During the workshop, which is ostensibly conducted vis-a-vis an attacker who broke into the company, we present the sequence of events in this type of incident, examine the preparation of the organization’s various departments for such cases and guide the staff on the recommended course of action.

Who would be likely candidates for a Cyber Event Assessment Exercise?

  • The organization’s senior management
  • Organizations that want to train in advance for cyber events for fear of being caught unprepared. This is a very complex issue and should be adequately prepared for.

What are the advantages of a Cyber Event Assessment Exercise?

  • Holding a practical workshop requires participants to actively participate in the exercise and examine the current situation against the desired one.
  • Real brainstorming focused on the company and its business operations.
  • Receiving advice, instructions and recommendations from an information security company that was involved in dozens of actual incidents.

What will be the highlights of the test?

  • Reference to the case of encryption and extortion.
  • Reducing the exposure to lawsuits related to violation of privacy laws.
  • Legal dealings with employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Contractual preparation with suppliers regarding privacy.
  • Familiarity with information security regulations in the world.
  • When must a hack be reported? To which bodies?
  • Proper legal conduct with employees in a world of privacy protection.

In order to successfully perform a Cyber Event Simulation for senior management, it is imperative to choose a company with extensive experience. It must be active in the field of incident response and familiar with the relevant bodies. Furthermore, the tutor should be experienced in delivering a workshop to senior management. Technological skills must be complemented by proficiency in dealing with an event that affects all departments in the company.

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