Special Services

The cyber-world is vast, and aside from risk assessment surveys and penetration tests, various other services are in demand. Thus, we offer ongoing consulting at the client’s premises, for example, a dedicated CISO for one day a week or as required. The idea is to hire an outsourced employee who is an expert in various data security aspects, like writing procedures, training employees, registering databases and more.

The same goes for an outsourced pen tester who works one day a week or as required. This way, the organization’s development team gets routine, focused assistance and consultation on all data security issues.

Examples of other special services:

special serviceexplanation
Cyber ​​simulations for senior managementA practical workshop allowing senior managers to engage in hands-on cyber simulations tailored especially for the organization. The workshop’s objective is to assist senior management in better preparing against cyber incidents.
IR-Incident ResponseEmergency assistance to a company in the event it experiences a cyber-attack. We provide ongoing advice and support, helping to contain the event and its following challenges outside and within the organization.
Employee Awareness Phishing CampaignAs we know, overseas attackers find this the most convenient entryway into an organization, which is why there is no substitute for employee training. Our advantage is integrating employee awareness training with attempts to circumvent anti-phishing protection systems.
Red teamA series of attacks on the organization conducted on several platforms to evaluate its defense systems and cyber resilience. The project is carried out by professional pen testers and highly skilled cyber intelligence specialists.
Servers/Services HardeningThis survey examines the hardening level of servers, like DC, and services, like Outlook 365, in accordance with the manufacturers’ and CIS’s Best Practices.
CISO as a servicePlacing a CISO in an organization enables a regular and continuous service by a professional consultant at the client’s offices. As part of this role, the consultant can lead, manage, and promote organizational processes related to information security in particular and information risk management in general.
Attempts to bypass defense systemsAs part of the service, our expert arrives at the customer’s premises and attempts to bypass these systems. If this proves successful, our customer can review the implementation failures and ensure the systems are configured as required.

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